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Topic  Rahab and the 2 spies

Series  Bible Heros

Key Point  No matter your past, God has a good future for you

Key Bible Story  Rahab and the 2 spies (Joshua 2)

Learning Outcomes

  • Children should learn that your mistakes don’t stop you from having a future in God
  • They should also learn that God rescues those who trust Him

Link Group Runsheet

Link Time [Who is your favorite band or what is your favorite music???]

Introduce yourself and tell the kids something fun about you. Then go around the group and get the kids to say their name and answer the same fun questions. The goal of this time is to help build community within your group and also welcome anyone who may be there for the first time”

Jr Study [Prep – Gr2]

1 – Do you remember the name of the city that Joshua sent the spies into? That’s right Jericho. Draw the city of Jericho.

2 – Do you remember how Rahab helped the spies escape from the city? That’s right, down a rope. Draw a rope down the wall of the city with the men climbing down.

3 – Even though Rajan had done things that God didn’t like, God still had a plan for her. What can you do this week to live God’s way? 


Study [Gr3 – Gr6]

1 –Read Joshua 2:9 – what news does Rahab give the spies about how the people see Joshua and the Israelites? Later on she asks the men that if she helps them, would they save her and her family. Even though she had made mistakes in her past she still chose to put her trust in God and His people. Have you ever had to put your trust in someone else? 

2 – Sometimes we make mistakes, but God still loves us and forgives us. He still has a plan for our lives. What does the story show us of God? Is he Mean or Kind, is he forgiving or does he hold a grudge? What other ways would you describe God in your life?

3 – Because Rahab put her trust in God, she got to be a part of the bigger story of Joshua and the Israelite people. She is EVEN IN THE BIBLE!!! What does Proverbs 3:5-6 tell us about trust?



Game – Treasure Hunters

Equipment: a coin or small object that can held in a hand

Instructions: Select one child to be the ‘Treasure Hunter’ and have them stand in the centre of the rest of the kids sitting in a tight circle, and have them close their eyes. Give the coin to one child who then can pass it around the circle while the ‘Treasure Hunter’ counts to 10.

Then the centre child opens their eyes and tries to figure out who has the coin. BUT the coin can only be held by a child for 10 seconds before having to secretly pass it on. While other kids can pretend to pass the coin to throw the Treasure Hunter off track.

The Treasure Hunter has 5 guesses to find the coin.



Go around the group asking your kids if there is anything they would like prayer for. Ask the kids if anyone would like to pray for each other. If not, then pray for the needs as the leader. Take note of any prayer requests to be passed onto your Kids Pastor / Oversight


Give out prizes to kids to encourage the engagement and behaviour we want to celebrate