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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we'll answer some frequently asked questions

The Link Show is about taking the stress out of Kids Church content, re engaging your kids into church in an exciting technology based way. 

With YouTube becoming the ‘number one’ brand amongst children, the type of media that children are engaging with is shifting.


The Link Show’s goal is to maintain the timeless message of Jesus, while shifting the delivery to align with these shifts in Generation Alpha.


The Link Show therefore provides a livestreamed kids’ program that includes interaction in both kids’ ministry locations at church, as well as with your kids at home.

Currently the Link Show is designed for primary school aged students.


We have plans to launch an Early Childhood show in the future, so stay tuned.

The Link Show runs for one (1) hour in total, with between 30 to 45 minutes of content for use in your kids’ ministry and the full hour for your kids watching from home.

The Link Show includes live shoutouts, interactive games, preaching and guided small group Bible studies.

Elements that would be run locally are worship, offering, live games and small groups (if your team is comfortable facilitating these, otherwise you can stay linked for the streamed Bible study). 

The Link Show is a ‘monthly subscription’ and the cost is based on your average weekly
(primary school aged) kids’ attendance.

0 - 50 kids | $ 60 per month
50 - 150 kids | $130 per month
150 - 300 kids | $250 per month

For over 300 kids, please email us directly at .

Each subscription is a ‘site licence’ and gives permission for the Link Show to be used at that location only; but can also be sent to families that call that location home.


Pricing for each location is based on the average weekly (primary school aged) kids’ attendance at that location.

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We're excited to have you partner with us, to engage, inspire and excite your kids ministry. Let us take the stress away from building and growing your children's church.